Queer Votes Count

PrideTT is pleased to announce that ‘pride’ activities will proceed for 2020 and focus on political empowerment.

This year is dubbed ‘Pride20/2.0’, as we take community engagement and programming to another level. Given Covid-19 protocols, the majority of activities will be hosted using integrated online and digital tools to allow for widest interaction. To complement this, the organisation has launched a new version of its website, which will offer an LGBTQI+ and ally business database, an employment seeker’s portal; and a digital artists’ gallery, among other facilities.
However, there will be in-person events such as the traditional commencement at Parliament, which will be held on Friday 26th June, and the closing Grand Motorcade, instead of a parade, which will carry ‘pride’ across the nation on Sunday 26th July.
At Parliament, PrideTT will be standing in solidarity with other marginalised groups and present parliamentarians with an ‘Empowerment Manifesto’, which will collate the demands of these citizens, who will vote for those who genuinely represent their interests. This is in keeping with PrideTT20’s theme: #BeEmpoweredByOurPride
During the month, alongside discussions on typica topics affecting the LGBTQI+ Community, PrideTT will host town halls and invite the major political parties to send a representative to share their respective positions on the LGBTQI+ Community and others who are pushed to the fringes of society and suffer due to systemic imbalance and prejudice.
While protests, placards and parades have their function, it is important to facilitate financial, mental and political empowerment amongst vulnerable sectors of society. PrideTT will be implementing direct sustainable interventions with these persons and mobilise them, especially in the battleground constituencies, to demand of the political directorate, equity and equality before the law and in their share of the nation’s resources.

For more information visit www.pridett.com
Rudolph Hanamji, Chief Coordinator, PrideTT
480 9470 | [email protected]

Author: QueerTT