In line with the theme of IDAHOTBI 2023, PrideTT recently joined forces with the T&T Chamber of Industry & Commerce’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee to address workplace exclusion and prejudice faced by marginalized groups. Through a collaborative effort, a focus group was organized, bringing together representatives from ten marginalized communities.

The purpose of this initiative was to provide a platform for individuals who often find themselves excluded from discussions pertaining to their own assistance. PrideTT, drawing from its own networks and influence, sought to create an inclusive space for these groups, much like the LGBTQ+ community, who are frequently underrepresented in such conversations. Participants openly shared their experiences, commending the initiative as a much-needed intervention.

Stephen DeGannes, CEO of TTCIC, extended a warm welcome to all participating groups, emphasizing the private sector’s commitment to fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive businesses that benefit both employees and customers. Rudolph Hanamji, Co-Founder of PrideTT and Chair of TTCIC’s ESG Committee, highlighted the importance of individuals with privileges extending a helping hand to vulnerable groups, who must come together in their diversity.

The valuable insights gleaned from the focus group will be distilled into a thought-leadership paper, scheduled for publication on June 1st at the 2023 DEI Conference. This publication aims to contribute to ongoing discussions surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. To learn more about the conference and register, please visit [website link].

Facilitating the session were Lauren Bain, a Senior ESG Consultant, and Charlotte Tom, an ESG Consultant, both part of EY Caribbean’s ESG team. Their expertise and guidance ensured a productive and inclusive environment throughout the session.

The following groups were represented during the focus group:

  1. The Women’s Caucus TT
  2. Heroes Foundation
  3. Conflict Women
  4. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  5. TT Association for Hearing Impaired
  6. TT Occupational Therapist Association
  7. Pride United

Other groups were also invited to participate, including Blind Welfare and the Trinidad and Tobago Transgender Association.

By collaborating with the T&T Chamber of Industry & Commerce, PrideTT has taken a significant step towards fostering workplace inclusivity and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Through initiatives like these, we can strive towards a more just and equitable society for all.

Author: QueerTT