Welcome to PrideTT20/2.0! with the fully loaded v.2!!!
Even after two successful years of directly saving lives, generating the highest positive visibility for the LGBTQI+ Community, executing over 100 activities and collaborating with over 60 partners, and generating hundreds of thousands of social media engagements, we want to offer more!
We promised you PrideTT version 2.0 for 2020, and we are taking it to the next level❗
This year, we have not only adapted our usual activities to fit within a digital experience, but we have designed direct, sustainable LGBTQ+ community interventions and programmes that will build genuine empowerment through financial, political, and mental empowerment! But we can’t give away all the ‘T’ at once!
First up – we are excited to launch our upgraded website which boasts a more user-friendly layout and enhanced functionality. The site will continue to act as a repository of all our work but, will offer online tools and services geared toward making our Community stronger and more connected than ever before.
Visit and bookmark today – as we will be releasing our calendar of events and details on the grand ‘Pride Motorcade’!
There is much more to come. Celebrate our LGBTQI+ legacy as we create the future!


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Author: QueerTT