A PrideTT activist proudly shows off their placard during a protest opposite the Red House, on Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

PrideTT began a month of activities in T&T yesterday with a protest at Parliament.

The group gathered with placards and the pride flag, urging lawmakers to be accountable for their actions.

Speaking with Guardian Media, Sharon Mottley, a member of the PrideTT management and Women’s Caucus of T&T, said, “We will run various activities throughout this month from today until the end of July. We always begin with a protest at Parliament, calling on our lawmakers to be responsible and accountable for the welfare of all citizens, not just a specific group.”

Mottley added, “Our aim is to organise inclusive events that all members of our community can participate in. We have planned a health week, an arts week, an advocacy week, and, of course, our Pride Week. During Pride Memorial, we remember those who have passed away, whether due to HIV, violence, or suicide. These are issues that greatly affect our community, especially when adequate support is lacking.”

Addressing a recent book controversy at a local bookstore, Mottley expressed surprise, saying, “I was deeply surprised because, upon reviewing the book last Sunday, I noticed that it didn’t even mention the word LGBT. Instead, it celebrated diversity, featuring individuals with different backgrounds, including an albino person, someone in a wheelchair, and a happy young gay man. We must strive to understand before condemning, asking questions, and educating ourselves. This is precisely why advocacy groups like ours exist, including our women’s caucus.”

The group will soon announce the details of their upcoming events. —Otto Carrington

Taken from the Guardian News

Author: QueerTT