Rudolph Hanamji – Chief Coordinator Pride TT, Commissioner of Police – Gary Griffith, Eva Chavez – Head of Women’s Caucus, Brandy Rodriguez – Head of Trans Coalition TT
The Pride TT Committee (Pride TT) met with the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Gary Griffith, on Friday 12th July, 2019 at Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain, to discuss the safety and security needs for the upcoming annual Pride TT Fair, Mini-Concert, Fun Day and Parade, carded for Sunday 28th July, 2019 at Nelson Mandela Park. Pride TT is convinced that the T&T Police Service is committed to protecting all.
Not only did the Commissioner and his team allay all concerns raised by Pride TT but, he preempted others we wished to raise, such as ‘hate crimes’ and targeted violence against members of the LGBTQ+ Community in general, by sharing initiatives that can only be described as forward-thinking, first-world and all-inclusive. He advised that “my commitment is to ensure that every single law-abiding citizen will find protection from the TTPS in a free and equal manner, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. We are aware of the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ Community and will address these”.
The candid and open discussion not only created history – as this was the first time a sitting Police Commissioner met with representatives of the LGBTQ+ Community – but, it fostered a legitimate expectation of a desired future state where members of the LGBTQ+ Community of Trinidad and Tobago can feel confident and trust that their concerns and needs will be equally and equitably addressed by T&T’s police officers, some of whom also belong to this segment of society and put their lives on the line daily to serve all citizens – LGTBQ+ and not alike.
Pride TT stands in solidarity with the Commissioner and the TTPS and offered any assistance that may be needed to assist them in bringing an end to crime, violence and abuse. All persons wishing to attend this year’s Pride events can be assured that their safety and security will be well taken care of.

Author: QueerTT