The PrideTT Management Committee hosted its Stakeholders’ Soft Launch for PrideTT 2019, at Medulla Art Gallery, Fitt St., on 18th June – ten days before the official launch of this year’s celebrations – which will begin with a Trans Flag raising at Parliament on June 28th at 11.00 a.m. and culminate in a Fair, Mini-Concert and Street Parade at Mandela Park, PoS on July 28th from 9.00 a.m.
This year’s theme is ‘equity & equality for all’ (#equALL). It was developed specifically to mobilise the country around action that would one day lead to the equitable and equal access of all persons, especially those who are most vulnerable like the Trans-community, to their inalienable human rights and being able to live their full truth.
More than fifty LGBTQI community leaders and related NGO’s, event coordinators, artists, businesses and others – representing a broad cross-section of the LGBTQI community – committed at the Stakeholders’ meeting to unite again and create as many events to commemorate LGBTQI Pride in Trinidad and Tobago.
Pride TT chief coordinator Rudolph Hanamji commended those who chose to be part of this journey, in spite of personal and socio-economic differences, and make sacrifices all with the aim of saving lives, remarking that: “if we save but one life, even though we may never know of that life, all of this work would be worth it.”
In keeping with Pride TT’s commitment to transparency and accountability, the Pride TT 2018 report, which we previously released, was openly discussed, and concerns raised were ventilated. While there are members of the LGBTQI Community who have been vocal about their personal issues with ‘pride’, which have been considered, the outpouring of support from the wider LGBTQI community and allies is evidence that Pride TT is on the right track. Notwithstanding, Pride TT made a public call for dissenters to return to the table and be part of the process, rather than absenting themselves – so that they have a part to play in realising #equALL.
Noted community stalwart & activist Faye Ferdinandus, along with activist, feminist and sexual assault advocate Marcus Kissoon and others highlighted understandable fears about security and safety. These were allayed by explaining that Pride TT has the full support and protection of the TT Police Service and the Commissioner of Police. With their support in 2018, there were no acts of violence experienced at the Parade or Fair and the Pride TT committee expects the same this year.
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Contact: Rudolph Hanamji | Chief Coordinator Pride TT | 480 9470 | [email protected]

Author: QueerTT