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Media Coverage

Day 21

GBV and LGBTQ+ Community – 15 July

Panelists discuss Gender Based Violence in the context of LGBTQ+ Community and our needs.


Day 20

Women Who Love Women – Feminist Movement Building – 14 July


Day 19

Allies and Activism – 13 July

Co-Director Faye Ferdinandus, along with She! Right Collective Founder Amanda McIntyre engage with Nicky, Nicole, Joella. NOTE: This is an edited version of the LIVE call, which serves to protect the privacy and safety of a member of the community who we engaged with. We have since introduced the member to persons within the community to assist with support. This in no way is aimed at ‘censoring’ or ‘silencing’ anyone as we have confirmed with the member that this is preferred. PrideTT remains committed to genuine community engagement.

Watch it here:

Day 18

Know Your Rights – 12 July

PrideTT hosted a private strategy planning session, on changing the laws in Trinidad and Tobago which affect LGBTQ+ people.

We Are: Pride Concert Reunion – 12 July

We chat with the director/producer, artists and crew on their experiences producing the Pride Concert!

Watch it here:

Day 17

Know Your Rights – 11 July

A panel discussion with South Pride & Allies as they engage with Jason Jones, Sharon Mottley, Kennedy Maraj , Terry-ann Roy – Activist and Saelese Haynes, as we take a look at certain laws and how they affect LGBTQ+ people. Watch it here:


Day 16

Launch of Close Up Film Festival 3 – 10 July

PrideTT launched their 3rd annual Film Festival in collaboration with AfricaFilmTT, EU Delegation and the Canadian High Commission.

Several films were screened including:

  • And Then We Danced
  • Funny Boy
  • Her Job
  • Share
  • I Am Sheriff
  • Sydney & Friends

Prior to the Launch, a panel discussion with Olafs Arnicans of the EU Delegation took place which you can watch here:

The following day, the United States Embassy with an address from Charge D’Affaires Shante Moore and panel discussion with the film makers moderated by Lieutenant Althea Davidson too place. You can watch it here:

Day 15

Amor Latinx Queer Exchange – 9 July

This was initially intended to be a ‘fun’ session where we teach QUEER LatinX and English-speakers idioms (queer) in English and Spanish respectively. However it turned into an event where Queer Latinx and English speakers spoke about their experiences living in Trinidad and interacting with each other. Experiences were shared sometimes in English and sometimes in Spanish. It was a very insightful and emotional session.

Watch it here:

Day 14

A Move To Freedom: Stories of Queer Migrants’ Inequalities and Vulnerabilities To Violence – 8 July

Watch it here:


Day 13

I’ve Got Two Moms – 7 July

PrideTT & Women’s Caucus present ‘I’ve Got Two Moms’ – exploring QUEER parenting related to T&T

Day 12

Trans Women Caribbean Summit – 6 July

Join The Trinidad and Tobago Transgender Coalition as they co-host their first ever Trans Women Caribbean Summit! Representatives of the trans community from across the Caribbean get together to discuss the HIV/AIDS as well as the impact of Covid-19 on the community.

Watch it Here:

Day 11

Mothers Always Know – 5 July

PANEL with MOMS of QUEER persons where they will have a discussion about their reaction to their queer child coming out and/or confrontations based on suspicions of their child being queer. Moms will share why it’s important to show love and support to their children as well as insights that others can benefit from in navigating parenting a queer child.

Watch it here:

Day 10

Gaymes Night – 4 July

PrideTT held a night of fun and games. People from all over Trinidad and Tobago Tuned in for a laugh.

Day 9

eduQUEER – 3 July

PrideTT had a full day of educational content with you in mind. Including topics like HIV, Covid-19, women’s health, cancer (cervical cancer), mental health & wellness and self defense.

Watch all the sessions here:

Day 8

Moonlit Yoga – 2 July

PrideTT and Pride Tobago host Moonlit Yoga Relaxation Session for PrideTT21 with Todd MJ Denoon

Watch it here:

Day 7


Co-hosted by She Right Collective, OUT-SPOKEN featureD spoken word and readings from our queer community.

Watch it here:

Day 6

Launch of IERE – 30 June

The 3rd edition of PrideTT’s highly acclaimed queer artist exhibition – IERE- was co-produced this year by She Right Collective and W Art Gallery. The launch event featured a discussion with established artist Shalini Seereeram and upcoming artist Terri Singh, as well as the newly updated QueerTT virtual queer artist gallery.

Which you can View here:



Day 5

So Long I Ain’t See Yuh! – 29 June

WCTT (Women’s Caucus Trinidad & Tobago) reunion and welcome to newcomers! This event was hosted virtually as a non-public session.

Day 4

Sex and Sexuality – 28 June

Uni Pride Hosted a chat session on exploration of our sexual identities

View the full discussion here:


Day 3

Pride Remembrance – 27 June

The 1st Sunday of ‘Pride’ celebrations in T&T, has traditionally been ‘Pride Memorial’. This year, the organising committee for Pride Memorial (of which PrideTT is a member) took the decision to postpone Memorial to Aug 1st. Notwithstanding, PrideTT maintained a day of remembrance with a spotlight on Sasha Fierce and an update on the Memorial Fund which was started last year in her memory.

View the celebration here:


Day 2

Virtual Flag Raising – 26 June

Pride TT asked on Sat 26th for LGBT+ people and allies to ‘raise your flag high and proud by posting to your wall an image/video with the caption/words: “The only mask I have to wear is this one!” [pointing to your face mask].

While many people followed the instructions, others showed pride in their own way posting pictures and videos of themselves dancing happily, waving their flags and dressing up in their colours. The show of support was spectacular and definitely raised the spirits of many.

View full gallery

Day 1

Virtual Parliament Launch – 25 June

Over 200+ LGBTQ+ Persons filled out a Covid-19 Community Needs Assessment form which was distributed by PrideTT.

On June 25th PrideTT Launched their pride celebrations for 2021 Virtually, discussing the outcome of the Needs Assessment.

PrideTT said that law makers and persons in authority respond better when we are able to present data and showcase numbers.

In this discussion PrideTT pointed out that all 41 Members of Parliament would personally receive the results of the Needs Assessment so that the voices of LGBT+ people can be heard.



PrideTT Trustee & Director Faye Ferdinandus appears with TT queer icon Rhoma Akosua Spencer on Gayelle’s Feminine Drive programme hosted by Warrior Empress


Tobago Pride Association’s Secretary Todd MJ Denoon spoke with Tobago Channel 5 about Pride in T&T 2021 


Newsday coverage of PrideTT’s & US Embassy’s Flag Raising for 2021

PrideTT 2021 Co-Chair Xoe Sazzle Signals the Launch of PrideTT21!


CNC3 Covers PrideTT & U.S. Embassy Pride Flag raising

T&T Guardian covers PrideTT & U.S. Embassy Pride Flag raising   

T&T Express covers PrideTT & U.S. Embassy Pride Flag raising   

Newsday covers  PrideTT & U.S. Embassy Pride Flag raising   

2021 Teaser Calendar Released

The 2021 Management Committee of PrideTT is ‘proud’ to release this year’s theme – #powHER – in the 4th edition of the Caribbean’s most diverse LGBTQI+ Pride Celebrations, which will be held from 25th June to 25th July, with over 35 in-person (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) and virtual events.

2021’s festival is themed “powHER” as there is no ‘WE’ without ‘SHE’. It broadly describes PrideTT’s celebration of our HERstory – the experiences, strength and struggle of the women that helped build our community and sustain the movement. This also highlights the intersectional experience of cis-gender women, lesbians, trans-women, non-binary folks and all those who either do not meet the patriarchal definition of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. 2022. For too long in our country toxic masculinity has resulted in gender-based violence, homophobia and hate crimes of staggering proportions – which even ironically exists within the LGBTQI+ Community.

Earlier this year, the national community united in memory of Andrea Bharatt and Ashanti Riley along with countless others we lost over the years. The LGBTQI+ Community has hosted its annual Pride Memorial for over 30 years to similarly mark the victims of intolerance, abuse, violence and hate who have been murdered or chose to take their lives. Just a few days ago, we suffered the tragic murder of Marc Anthony Singh, and each year we invoke the energy of Sasha Fierce – a trans-woman activist who was brutally shot in Mandela park – where the national parade is held. Many of thee persons are still awaiting justice – such as Raymond Choo Kong and Gregory Singh.

Every year since 2018, PrideTT hosts the festival from the last weekend of June to that of July and for 2021 the programming framework will continue to include trainings, networking fora, arts and culture events, activities geared towards entrepreneurs, and interactions with our nation’s leaders. The activities are expected to target over 10,000+ participants (national, diaspora and international) and generate economic activity for small to medium community enterprises, entrepreneurs and artists.

As is tradition, PrideTT is hosting a series of national Town Halls and Stakeholder Sessions until the 28th April – all persons interested in providing ideas, feedback, programming or support may visit pridett.com or social media pages for more information.

For more information visit www.pridett.com

Author: QueerTT