PORT-OF-SPAIN, June 22, 2018

FOR THE first time in Trinidad and Tobago’s history, a coordinated display of rainbow flags took place at several locations — including the Roman Catholic monastery at Mount St Benedict — to commemorate today’s launch of an arts festival dedicated to uplifting the LGBT community.
The pride flags, which have been symbols of LGBT solidarity since the 1970s, were displayed by members of the LGBT community and allies at Calvary Hill, Arima; Narsaloo Ramaya Road; Fort George, Port-of-Spain; and San Fernando Hill. The occasion marked the start of the TT Pride Arts Festival.
Today, we issue a call to all our LGBT brothers, sisters and allies to embolden themselves and recognize that you are not alone,” said Rudy Hanamji, chairman of the festival. “As the clouds pass, the rainbow shines brightly. We stand in defiance against prejudice, hate and fear. Happy Pride 2018!
The Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival 2018 runs until July 29th with a Parade at Mandela Park (Saturday July 28th) and a host of nearly 50 activities!
Please also see the parade event at the Pride Arts Festival Facebook page.

Author: QueerTT