IERE – the land of the hummingbird – is not just our land’s first name, but indeed a perfect metaphor for the creative genius of our people, which undoubtedly manifests itself in the LGBTQI community.
IERE is both a land and an art exhibit of energy and beauty. Pride TT is ‘proud’ to have imagined this collaborative effort that aims to leverage the obvious stereotype that ‘all queer persons are artistic’, to place a necessary spotlight on the work of upcoming and established queer artists.
For generations the creative work of these and others have fueled national and global development and inspired the hearts of many straight persons – and of course adorned their homes and offices.
However, too often members of the LGBTQI Community themselves are not offered an opportunity to support these queer artists, who are then at times constrained to produce work for an audience that views the world through a different lens. Too often, ironically the queer artist is locked out of the mainstream ‘art world’.
In this way, IERE provides an opportunity to interrogate these issues and simultaneously create a ‘queer art experience’ where queer artists feel encouraged to create art for ‘our own’ and those who love us can revel in the energy and beauty that flows.
The inaugural IERE could not be possible had it not been for the foresight and support of LOFTT and the artists who came forward and were willing to identify as QUEER, in the hope that one day any artist would feel truly free to express their truth, the same way we strive for LGBTQI persons. IERE – a movement towards equity & equality for all.

Author: QueerTT