Sacha Cosmetics’ feature make-up look of the day was a hit with fans who commended the company for embracing inclusivity.
The company featured Make-up Artist (MUA) @sexaslim’s makeup look featuring their Eye Shadow Trio in Silver and Luminating Cream Highlighter in Champagne Rose, applied with their newly launched Travel Brush Set:
‘#FeatureFriday: Peep that Fierce Grey Cut Crease from @sexaslim who’s serving us TOTAL Slayage!’
The look was a hit with fans online.
Sales Manager Kamla Regrello said the company has always promoted inclusivity and believes in promoting all talented artists:
‘It’s important for us to be inclusive, we’ve always been an inclusive company regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnic group. We just want people to love Sacha.’
She said the artist, who has been featured before, is an exceptional MUA:
‘He is a phenomenal talent; when you look at his work you can see his skill. We’ve shared his looks before and the feedback has been excellent.’
‘We want people to feel beautiful by wearing our products, especially during the pandemic, and we want to feature talented artists who truly bring out the best of Sacha.’
The MUA told Loop News how happy he was to see his look shared by the company:
‘I feel very excited, happy and proud because for an international makeup company to share my post is a huge deal for me. This isn’t just for me, it means a lot for the whole LGBTQI+ community. And I’m so happy for the little boys and girls out there who can see it and do their own looks.’
He added that Sacha’s travel brush kit was excellent in helping with the application for his look.
The company recently launched a new travel brush set which was used in the application of the new look and is now available at their retail stores.
Many commented in support of the make-up look and the company for embracing inclusivity:
Rhonda Bahadoor-Nagassar: ‘So a man can’t test his talent on himself? Look eh do us a favour and delete all yuh selves plz thanks …his work is phenomenal… kudos to Sacha for recognizing great talent.’
Julie Mango: ‘Well is now self I going shopping for Sacha cosmetics, oui!!! Keep uplifting the marginalized, and showcasing diversity and the right folks will follow and support!’
Vimal Deonarine: ‘Love the representation.’
Sherry Ali: ‘Yes!!! All-inclusive. That is why I buy Sacha. They are for everybody.’
Elyse Elly Barrow: ‘Didn’t God say not to judge people? Not to sin? You sin daily my dear. Stop worrying about how others live their life and start worrying about saving your own soul! God doesn’t like ugly, sooooo I would highly reconsider my actions if I were you.’
Venessa Barath: ‘Sasha cosmetics. Beautiful makeup but couldn’t it be featured on a woman?’
Veronica Hernandez: ‘Venessa Barath they share men and women and people of other gender identities. If it bothers you so much maybe you should unfollow them. This is an inclusive brand, not a sexist, discriminatory brand. For every complaint, there are hundreds of people buying and supporting these types of brands.’
Raveena Monique: ‘This is why I will ALWAYS support Sacha. Y’all are inclusive!’
One person commented negatively, saying: ‘What Sacha promoting here makeup or the alphabet??? What kinda LGBTQ drag, queer, weirdness…makeup is for women not men with beard, not supporting this.’
However, the company was quick to set the record straight:
‘Hello Geneil, we are promoting this flawless Grey Cut Crease makeup by a very talented individual.’
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Author: QueerTT