• Date:
  • Venue: Haze Night Club
  • Admission: $40 (before midnight)
  • More details: Link

Tonight anyone found tipping with $1 💵bills will be given a 🛑red card and escorted out the club! “BYE FELICIA”! Your strippers tonight are going to be worth your while!!! It took some coaxing, but they are ready and eager to please, so how about you show your appreciation… 💸💸💸

Halftime Striptease is on tonight at HAZE Nightclub, Rust Street.. What side are you on? The Straight side👫 of Rust Street or the Gay side👬 of Rust Street. $40 BEFORE MIDNIGHT, after that it’s going to be MORE!!!
Tonight we’re Introducing BOYCODE Loyalty Cards for all our regulars. So if you’re there tonight you’ll be getting your card. This isn’t your run of the mill loyalty card. It’s fancy and full of technology! Time to start earning points.