LGBTQ+ NGOs, Service Providers and Affiliates

LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Support


CAISO is the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, which includes both LGBT people and allies. Our aims are: to foster a forward-thinking, visionary and humane approach to sexual orientation and gender identity; to secure full inclusion in all aspects of national life, social policy and citizenship regardless to sexuality and gender; to develop capacity, leadership and self-pride in our own communities, and to mobilise an advocacy movement for social justice in partnership with others.


Cherisse’s PeaceS

Cherisse’s PeaceS Advocacy Group, was founded with a successful petition to remove the then Mayor of Port of Spain- Raymond Tim-Kee after he chose to victim blame a murdered Japanese citizen; Asami Nagakiya. The organisation’s current focus is to assist in educating and creating awareness of human rights as they relate to Human and Sexual and Reproductive rights with a special focus on STIs that affect those of the female sex. Advocacy is done via social media, art, and public demonstrations. Cherisse’s PeaceS sits on the Family Planning Association of Trinidad & Tobago advisory board for the Complete Sexual Education program which aims to provide young persons in secondary schools with age appropriate information on navigating their relationships, interactions, and sexual activity. Cherisse’s PeaceS was an integral part of the Life In Leggings  – Cross Caribbean March in March 2017 in Trinidad & Tobago, and the coalition to end child marriage in Trinidad & Tobago.



DECIDES TT is a project that aims at contributing to reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV) and LGBTI discrimination in Trinidad and Tobago. Started in March 2017 it seeks to promote respect for human rights and freedoms against gender violence and LGBTI discrimination in Trinidad and Tobago. DECIDES TT has been designed under the DECIDES Programme framework and draws from the DECIDES Caribbean project which begun in 2016. Like the latter, it develops research, training and awareness raising activities to root out biases and promote behavioural changes. 


I Am One

I Am One is a Trinidadian NGO that uses art, culture and research as tools to connect with individuals at all levels to build community, recognizing the inter-sectional nature of discrimination. I Am One has developed several national and regional projects, which includes the Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival, The King Conference, The King Show, and the ‘Your Story’ Research Project. These initiatives directly engage with LGBTQ communities and seek to effect social and cultural change. The Pride Arts Festival provides a safe place for hundreds of people to interact, share ideas and build sustainable community. ‘Your Story’ is a key to understand the specific needs of LGBTQ Caribbean people, to identify gaps, and to analyze issues and trends in our community. The King Show and Conference focus on trans masculinity and stud culture, which is heavily under researched and discussed in the Caribbean.


Friends for Life (FFL)

FRIENDS FOR LIFE is a Non-governmental, Not-For-Profit organization: Founded on October 2, 1997 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Incorporated under the Companies Act (1995) as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in January of 1999. Initiated as the T&T representative to the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in September 2001. It is a grassroots organization with a focus on low-income, working class LGBTQI issues.The mission of Friends For Life, is to provide Prevention, Care and Support services -which include developing helping relationships with clients and families of persons affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS; as well as advocate for the acknowledgement of the Rights-, for its primary target group of Persons Living with and affected by HIV/AIDS from among the vulnerable and marginal sectors of the population deemed as ‘High Risk’ to HIV infection -namely Men who have Sex with other Men (MSM); Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals & Transgender (LGBTQI) communities, and Women & Men who sell sex.



LGBTQ JOY (or Joy for short), is a student club registered under the University of West Indies St. Augustine Guild of Students that seeks to create a safe space in which members of the LGBTQ+ community can express themselves and take an active role in their community (not just the LGBTQ+ community) without fear of safety concerns. The club also extends its reach to allies which are those who are not a part of the LGBTQ+ community, but show support and acceptance. Joy seeks to create an environment conducive to activism and awareness of issues in society that center around equality and rights. By giving our community a voice within an academic forum such as UWI, we hope to eradicate stereotypes and selective misanthropes regarding members of the community.


Queer Corner

A weekly live stream show discussing LGBTQIA+ topics with hosts” Terry Ann Roy Activist, and Cherisse’s PeaceS.


Silver Lining Foundation

On February 24th, 2012, a group of motivated young people came together to tackle bullying and suicide prevention for marginalised youth, after 16-year-old George Kazanjian tragically took his own life. George’s passing ignited a flame under these youths, a flame that burns even brighter today.


Trans Coalition

Human Rights Advocacy Group For Transgender Women.


Women’s Caucus


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CAFRA is a regional network of feminists, individual researchers, activists and women’s organisations that define feminist politics as a matter of both consciousness and action. We are committed to understanding the relationship between the oppression of women and other forms of oppression in the society, and we are working actively for change.



WOMANTRA is a woman-led, feminist nonprofit organization, based in Trinidad and Tobago. With women and girls at the center of its advocacy, WOMANTRA has initiated a number of campaigns that seek to highlight the gendered vulnerabilities of women, girls and sexual minorities to sexual discrimination and violence. WOMANTRA’s work is also focused on the celebration of the accomplishments of Caribbean and diasporic women and the support, development and empowerment of young women. As leaders in the new generation of feminist activism, WOMANTRA remains committed to speaking out against harmful reproductions of sexism and misogyny in everyday discourse, particularly by national leaders and other influential public figures.